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We have over 80 years combined experience!

The company was founded twenty years ago by Bill Fisher and from the inception education and experience have been the cornerstones.

Bill Fisher started Renaissance in 1990 after graduating with a BS degree from Marquette University. Bill worked in corporate capital management for a few years, but realized he needed to participate in a hands on business. He soon found himself in Chicago at one of the first US decorative painting schools in the country, Miller Wagner Studio.

Bill went on to study with master painter Mike McNeil from whom he learned the art of wood graining and marbling. Since then it's been a journey across the US and on to Europe to see first hand the master works of decorative painters.

"There are pieces in St. Peters cathedral in Rome that were painted so well you can't distinguish them from the natural marble next to them. I knew I had a lifetime of learning and practice ahead."

Bill has been practicing the craft of decorative painting for more than twenty years. The lead painters have four year degrees from European trade schools. The lead artist is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago.



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